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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a mess are you going to make?

We intend to use trench-less boring equipment for a majority of the construction along the right-of-way. Our access locations along the road may consist of small green pedestals similar to what are already present or small in-ground vaults. 

What are the flags/paint in my yard?

Utility locators will come out ahead of construction and mark existing utilities so that our crews know where they are and to avoid them as we construct our network. 

Please do not remove the flags as that could cause a dangerous utility strike that could injure one of our employees or disrupt services to the entire neighborhood. 

What about our water, septic, or irrigation lines?

We ask that if you have private water, septic, irrigation, and power lines between your home and the road to please mark those prior to installation so that we may avoid those. We can not be responsible for any unmarked lines or buried objects. Public utilities such as gas, telephone, and power will be marked by a utility locating service prior to installation. 

Are there any data caps?

There are no data caps whatsoever on our network, you are free to use as much internet as you like. Unlike many "unlimited data" providers there is no throttling after a certain threshold is met. 

Can I run a server from my home?

Please contact us to discuss your needs, we can help with static IP's and dedicated bandwidth that is suitable for such activities. 

What will be installed in/on our home?

We install a 12"x12" demarcation box where the underground cable terminates on the side of your home, From there a small fiber optic cable will bring the connection inside to our WiFi/Ethernet gateway. 

How is the fiber optic cable installed in our yard?

We will use a vibratory plow that cuts and shakes the earth to install the fiber optic cable at a depth of around 12", there is very little impact to the area once the work is complete. 

How do I find the buried cable in the future?

Before digging always call 811 to notify utilities of any excavation work. Our cable contains a tracer wire, allowing us to find the cable with great accuracy. You can call 811, or notify our support team to perform a locate. The customer is liable for any damage to the cable feeding their home. 

Does County Line Communications share my info with third parties?

No. County Line Communications will not share your contact information

Do you provide TV?

We do not, but there are many streaming options available that cost much less than satellite or cable service such as: Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Fire TV, Philo, Fubo, YouTube TV, and more. 

Do you provide telephone?

Not currently, But with the low latency our network supports third party VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services. There are many internet phone providers available at low cost, in most cases they have better clarity than a landline. 

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